To request for rollbacking abilities, go to Flagpedia:Requests for rollback.

Welcome to Flagpedia's Requests for adminship. Here, users may add a request to become an administrator, or a sysop. Users with the ability to promote and demote are called bureaucrats, which may also be requested here. After 2 weeks from the day the user filed the request, the request will be closed and the section with the most votes will confirm the decision of whether the requester is promoted or not. If the votes are a tie, the request will stay open until the tie is broken.

Note to RequestersEdit

You must be an administrator to become a bureaucrat, so do not request for bureaucrat if you are not already an administrator. Anyone requesting must have a valid reason to why they should be promoted, and understand how to use the abilities. Use the follow code below to request. Fill in each parameter with what it wants you to fill in (except the "Request" parameter, leave that alone). Remember that the purpose of these abilities are not given out freely or carelessly, and that these abilities are not for fun, but simply maintaining the wiki.

Code for Requesters:






When typing: Template:Request

Support Edit

Oppose Edit

Comments Edit

The following would appear:

User Edit Talk · Contributions · All logs · Block log · Upload log · User Rights log

Because... --User




Note to VotersEdit

In the Support section, users should sign if they think that the user should earn the abilities. In the Oppose section, users should sign if they disagree with the user being promoted. In the Comments section, users should add their opinion to why or why not the user should be promoted.

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